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Scheduled tours

This is the current schedule of our adventure tours. All these tours are performed in English, except for the occasional Dutch language tour, which will be clearly marked as such. These tours are targeting English-speaking people living in Hong Kong that would like to see the other side of Hong Kong.

Meeting points are generally MTR stations, from where we take transport to the starting point of the tour, some have a second meeting point at the actual starting point of the tour - which may be more convenient for some participants. If in doubt on how to reach a place, don't hesitate to contact us.

Tour overview

This is a quick overview of tours offered. Please note that many tours are seasonal. Seasons and general frequency of tours is indicated with each listing. Click on the tour name for full details and upcoming schedules.

Bats walk
The mysterious masters of the night sky!
Every 2-3 weeks, Saturday evening, not in Dec, Jan, Feb. In summer this one is replaced by the "Bats and Fireflies" tour on Friday evenings.
Double Haven islands tour
Stunning natural beauty and remote, isolated villages and islands.
Year round, every 2 months.
Fireflies watching
A magical display of little blinking lights in the forest.
Every Saturday evening during fireflies season (May-Aug).
Ghost villages of the New Territories
Visit the ghost villages of the northern New Territories.
Every 1-2 months, not during the hot summer months.
Hoi Ha snorkeling
See corals, fish, crabs, sea urchins and more.
Every Friday morning and some Saturdays from mid May to mid October.
Ma Shi Chau
An outdoor geological classroom.
Boat tour to the Ninepin Islands
Remote, rugged, wind and waveswept.
Every 2-3 weeks, June-Aug season.
Ponds & waterfalls
Three of the most beautiful waterfalls of Hong Kong and their pools.
Year round, every 2-3 months.
Red leaves and waterfalls
The best of Plover Cove in winter: waterfalls and sweet gum trees.
Every Friday morning in December and January.
Eco- and Geotour of Plover Cove Country Park
Waterfalls, mangroves, red rocks and the Devil's Fist.
Every 2 months, year round. In Dec/Jan (red leaves season) this one is replaced by "Plover Cove Eco- and Geotour (red leaves special)"
Hexagonal columns, caves and arches
The treasures of the Geopark.
Every 1-2 months, year round.
Sharp Island snorkelling
Snorkelling in the Geopark.
Every Wednesday afternoon and some weekends from mid May to mid October.
Sai Kung islands cruise
History, culture and the natural beauty of the geopark.
Every 2-3 weeks, year round.
Hakka Culture of Double Haven
A taste of traditional Hakka culture at the farming village Lai Chi Wo and fishing island Kat O.
Every 2-3 months, year round.
War Monkeys
See the underground tunnels and trenches of the Shing Mun Redoubt and get up close and personal with Hong Kong's cheeky monkeys.
Irregular, year round.